Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 Goals

Hopefully by publishing my goals for all to see, I will be more motivated to finish them, and or receive help/support from others to do so.  Here are my goals/resolutions for 2010, some may take longer, but these are a few things that are on my mind as I write this.  Happy New Year!
  1. Don't use my phone while driving (except to answer a call or navigate)
  2. Add a blog to my sad little website
    1. Publish 1 technical blog post each month
    2. Post at least once a week
  3. Only use Twitter on my phone while at work
  4. Only check Google Reader at home, or on my phone at breaks.
  5. Get our house ready for a baby (paint, furniture, etc)
  6. Help Alisha get her photography business going
    1. New computer/laptop
    2. Photoshop
    3. Camera stuff (umbrella flash, hot shoe flash)
  7. Develop my own Android app, and publish to the market
  8. Organize the garage (get shelves and such for walls)
  9. Organize the Master Closet
  10. Organize the front room/office
  11. Go through the boxes in the guest closet, toss/store farther away from sight.
  12. Buy/make bed frame for master bed.

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